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Kids club set up with fun games and entertainment and staffed by experienced chidcare professionals to watch your kids while you get your workout on!


A variety of top-of-the-line conventional, functional, and out-of-the-box equipment not utilized by other group training programs. These different types of equipment allow us to target muscles in a way others can’t, modify for injuries, as well as keep the workouts fresh and fun every time you show up!


We carry industry leading supplements and have a knowledgeable staff to help you make the decision as to what products will work best to reach your goals.

Healthy Food

We offer a wide selection of grab-n-go healthy premade food options to make staying on your diet easy and convenient. Everything from egg white breakfast burritos and protein pancakes to chicken wraps and protein pudding are available at our pro shop every day.


If you’re looking to show some gym pride or just step up your fitness wardrobe, we have you covered with everything from leggings and tank tops to sweatshirts and T-shirts.


Keypad lockers offered to ensure your belongings are safe while you work out and you don’t even have to bring a lock.


If you need to shower after your workout, we have your back!

Open Gym

Traditional open gym offered throughout the day to work out in between offered class times, do extra workouts suggested by the trainers, or even get your cardio done on our cardio balcony overlooking the boot camp workout floor.

Heart Rate Monitoring

Utilizing Performance IQ we are able to real-time monitor your heart rate, display it on TVs around the room for the trainers to see and hold you accountable to, and even send you an email at the end of class with your workout stats.

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