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60 Day Challenge


SIGN-UPS ARE OPEN! The Challenge begins Monday, January 29th 2024.

Thank you for your interest in Hardcore Fitness Boot Camp’s Transformation Challenge. If you have done “other” transformation challenges before, you will find ours to be a little different. We are not about overcrowding our classes and getting as many people into our challenge as possible. We focus on the quality of our program and results. Our challenges are capped. Once we have a certain amount of members and non-members, we announce registration is closing and no one else is accepted into the challenge.

Program Includes:

    • Inbody scans and before and after photos to track progress
    •  While others are trying to get as many people crammed into their challenge, we cap ours to ensure the greatest service and results possible!
    •   Unlimited LIFT, Fight Camp, Stretch and Booty Classes
    •  Diet programs for all goal types with a FLEXIBLE approach to substitutions
    •   Comes with a full meal plan with many exchanges to make the plan fit your lifestyle and preferences
    •   Staff support
    •  Supplement suggestions
    •  Private challenge page
    •   Results maintenance and post challenge support to ensure that you maintain your results.
    •   Greatest transformations you’ll see anywhere!
    • 6 Months unlimited membership to the top finishers

Member Price


Non-Member Price